Who is behind Reading Journal?

If you take a very close peek behind Reading Journal, you will find:

Stacks of library books,
Beeswax crayons,
pens and erasers,
moleskine notebooks,

Kathy Ellen Davis.

Kathy Ellen is the only kid in her family with two first names and no middle name, but she likes it that way. She has always wanted to be an author, and never stopped reading picture books (yes, even when she was in high school and college and people looked at her weird. You people know who you are…) She LOVES talking to people about her favorite books, and thinks Reading Journal is a fun way to do that.

When she is not reading and writing and drawing, she can be found working as an interactive history presenter in schools with kids, going to school herself to be a teacher, spending time with her sock monkey son (Hi Singe Singe!), crafting up another sock monkey, scrap monster, waterbottle cozy, or block print, or doing some capoeira in her nice white uniform. Or eating ice cream. She does that a lot too.

For more of Kathy Ellen, visit:


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